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Introducing: 360° Virtual Tours

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The future of mainstream property marketing

The act of purchasing property is constantly changing; more and more we are relying on digital media over physical viewings to showcase our homes. As this media evolves, so must the methods of marketing.

With the introduction of virtual tours, utilising high-end, bespoke cameras to capture stunning interactive walkthroughs, many more prospective purchasers are able to view the property without physically visiting. The interest in these tours soared during 2020 due to the UK’s national lockdown restricting viewings, and this period exhibited just how powerful they could be when used as marketing material.

With sites such as Rightmove now allowing integrated interactive tours, these are becoming the must-have marketing tool for vendors, and whilst they’ve not replaced traditional photographs, they allow for a sense of room-space and 'feel' that cannot be accurately portrayed using standard methods of photography.

Our Equipment/Software

We use a Ricoh Theta Z1 360° camera which is widely regarded as the best on the market today for residential virtual tours. Utilising dual 'Fish-eye' lenses and the addition of bespoke plug-ins specifically designed for architectural photography this allows us to capture an entire room with multiple photograph layers for stunning detail.

Once the images are captured, we use Adobe products such as Lightroom and Photoshop in a prescribed workflow to ensure quality, clarity and detail prior to exporting to our hosting platform, ready to be integrated into property marketing portals.

All of this is to say, we've gone above and beyond to ensure the virtual tours we provide are unmatched in the area, and we're excited to discuss how to help our clients be at the forefront of property marketing by utilising the latest and best technology available.

Ricoh Theta z1.png

Ricoh Theta Z1

Drone Photography

Sometimes the only way to communicate the true scale of a property is to take to the air and show any prospective applicant a view that is both visually impressive and surprisingly practical.

Drones can capture images in a way that no normal camera can whether it be images showing large plots at a glance or sweeping approach footage of a large home.

This needn’t be a service exclusive to stately homes or manor houses though; Trademark can tailor bespoke packages to suit any seller or agent that mean it needn’t cost the earth to get that one important shot from over the hedge on the front boundary or to get a picture that finally demonstrates the scope of that ample rear garden.

Drone work provides an exciting new perspective for the marketed property and literally elevates the impact of the marketing to a whole new level. We use the DJI Phantom 3 Professional as well as Adobe Lightroom and Photoshop to ensure our aerial photograph's are of the utmost quality. 


DJI Phantom 3 Professional

Professional Photography

Photography is a vital part of marketing a property and provides an invaluable, remote window into a property for a mass audience. Given the reach and scope of a modern brochure it makes sense to utilise every picture to its maximum potential in order to delivering a marketing package that captures the eye and grips any interested party.

Trademark employs the use of professional photographers in order to incorporate comprehensive picture packages which naturally integrate alongside our other services and brings properties to life on the page like never before.

Tri Camera Image.png

Canon 5D Mark II

Wide Angle Lenses

Nothing captures the size and scale of a room like Wide Angle Lens photography, allowing the camera to record a truer idea of what a home may have to offer.

The intricacies and detail of interior design and décor or the impressive dimensions of a room can be seen at a glance rather than struggling with multiple photos to make up a single picture.

This is photography at its absolute best and Trademark prides itself on ensuring the best possible quality of pictures at all times, offering a good range and quantity of digitally edited and enhanced pictures at cost effect rates.

Drone Photography
Professional Photography
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